Control units, B 5000 series


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    General information:
    Control units of B 5000 series are designed for local, remote and automatic control of squirrel-cage induction motors.



    BM 5000 units (modernized units, the width of this series units is 450 mm for the convenience of construction) are used in the composition of modular low-voltage packages (LVP) in conjunction with the power supply and distribution units with a set of automatic switches of series BM 8300, BM 8500, BM 8900, БМ 9500 and ATCB for currents of 630А of BM 8200 series

    Recently, units of BMD 5000 series have been put into production. Due to the use of RZD-1 relay, unit configuration provides for blocking of motor start-up with critical decrease of insulation resistance of its stator windings and motor shutdown in the event of AC phase failure on the supply transformer side or inadmissible voltage asymmetry of supply mains phases, and also when current protection is activated. Relay current settings, corresponding to the value of long-time permissible motor current, are selected by the customer using jumpers within the maximum value specified in the unit's rating table, but no more than the circuit breaker current. Due to a wide range of functional capabilities of the unit, it is recommended to use them instead of B 5000 units.

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