Unified series of low-voltage packages of power distribution RUSN-0.4 (KTPSN)


    To any region of Russia and CIS

    General information:
    LVPs of RUSN-0.4 series are designed to expand electricity of 0.4 kV at the power plants.

    • RUSN-0.4 is manufactured in the form of cell-type panels with removable circuit breakers of VA series manufactured by Kontaktor JSC, Ulyanovsk.

    • RUSN-0.4 switchboards are designed for connection to power transformers with a power of up to 1000 kVA.



    In general, RUSN-0.4 is an analogue of KTPSN switchgears manufactured by Minsk Electric Installation Plant, and assignments for fabrication are accepted, including according to the questionnaires of this plant, but the construct has the following distinctive features:

    • the documentation is designed separately for power and relay units. At the same time, the power unit includes a circuit breaker and signaling devices, thus eliminating the need for separate relay units of 4BR-603-00 and 4BR-603-10 types;

    • the availability of signaling devices in the power unit allows, in the absence of separate relay units, to place up to 6 switches in one cabinet;

    • the switchboards are collapsible, the main buses are installed above the switchboard and can be dismantled, which allows, if necessary, to disassemble the panel into separate cabinets on-site.

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