Cheboksary Electric Installation Plant, LLC is one of the steadily developing enterprises of electrical engineering industry in Russia producing a wide range of modern electrical equipment used in the oil and gas, metallurgical and plant building, chemical and machine building industries, as well as in transport and heat and electric power industry; in construction and housing and utility services.

The client-oriented policy of CEIP, LLC is implemented due to the optimal "price-quality" ratio, as well as due to the expansion of the product range through the constant introduction of new products and update of already manufactured products having high consumer characteristics. The geography of the organization's deliveries includes all regions of Russia, as well as the CIS countries.

The geography of the organization's deliveries includes all regions of Russia, as well as the CIS countries.

The products produced by the plant are certified and fully meet the technical requirements for heat, power, oil and gas, metallurgy, machine building and other branches of national economy.

The component list of electrical equipment manufactured by CEIP, includes:

  • Modular low-voltage packages (LVP), built on the basis of cage asynchronous motor control units:
  • Input LVP with ATCB with any set of devices, including with import complete set;
  • Complete transformer substations for indoor installation KTPV, KTPP for 6 (10) 10,4 kV, single and double-transformer substations with a capacity from 25 to 2500 kVA for industry, which can be supplied in modular insulated casings and container units;
  • Switchgears, KSO series;
  • Power factor correction units (PFCU);
  • Modular LVP for power supply of electric drives of stop valves and electric motors of mechanisms up to 28 kW, including for operating as a part of automated process control system (RTZO-88V, RTZO-88M);
  • LVP for AC and DC distribution for substations (PSN 1100, PSN 1200, SHE 8320 SHE 8350);
  • LVP for control, protection, signaling and automation (YAE1400, SHE1400);
  • General purpose LVP of industrial grade, including for industry, power facilities and housing and utility services (PR, YAOU, OSCHV, YAVZ, YAVSH, YARV, YATPV, NKU, BU, SR, YARZ, SCHE).
  • Low-voltage packages (LVP) for various industries according to customized schemes.