Input switchgears VRU


    To any region of Russia and CIS

    General information:
    Input switchgears VRU 1, VRU 1M and VRU 3 are designed for receiving, distributing and metering electricity in 380/220 V networks of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, as well as for protecting the lines in case of overloads and short circuits.



    Input switchgears are completed from panels of unilateral maintenance and can be single-panel and multi-panel. They are supplied complete with hardwarer and with all internal inter-panel connections.

    VRU busbar is designed to withstand short-circuit shock current of 10 kA without damage.

    Recently mastered production of VRU 1M panels, designed to replace VRU 1 panels, differing in the use of automatic circuit breakers and switches with differential protection (RCD) instead of fuses, thereby improving the layout, reducing the overall dimensions, weight and metal consumption of the panels.

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