Switchboard panels SCHO70


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    General information:
    Switchboard panels SCHO70-1UZ, SCHO70-2UZ, SCHO70-3UZ, SCHO94UZ are designed for completing switchboards for receiving and distributing electric power, as well as for protection against overloads and short-circuit currents in three-phase circuits with a voltage of 380/220 V AC and a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz



    The panels for switchboard completing can be: introductory, linear, input-linear, sectional, input-sectional and control panels. The panels assembled in the switchboard are combined with prefabricated buses.

    The panels are manufactured with prefabricated buses having electrodynamic stability of 30 kA (SCHO70-1UZ, SCHO94UZ) and 50 kA (SCHO70-2UZ, SCHO70-3UZ). The panels with electrodynamic stability of 30 kA completed the switchboards of transformer substations with a capacity of up to 630 kVA, 50 kA – switchboards of substations with a capacity of over 630 kVA.

    The input panels have rated currents of 630, 1000, 1600, 2000 A and provide for both cable and bus inputs. Linear panels provide for the connection of cables only. The degree of protection of panels on the facade (maintenance) side is IP 20 according to GOST 14254-96, and IP 00 on other sides.

    The height of panels of SCHO70-1UZ, SCHO70-2UZ is 2200 mm, that of panels SCHO70-3UZ, SCHO94UZ is 2000 mm. The depth of the panels is 600 mm for all types.

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