Asynchronous motor control units, BMD 5000 type


    To any region of Russia and CIS

    General information:
    They are designed to control cage asynchronous motors for a voltage of 380 V with a frequency of 50 Hz in continuous, short-time and intermittent operation modes



    Relays РЗД-1 provide protection of electric motors in case of following situations:
    • inadmissible voltage asymmetry or phase failure of three-phase AC circuit on 6 (10) kV or 380 V side of the supply transformer;
    • motor overheating (overload)

    Relay РЗД-1 prohibits starting the motor under inadmissible decrease of isolation resistance of its windings in relation to its case

    RRelays РЗД-1 also have versions with additional functions:
    • thermal protection (if posistors in the motor windings are available);
    • сontrol of process parameters, for example, pipeline pressure;
    • surge current control of the mechanism operating in stopping mode;
    • information output for communication with controller or computer.

    The unit has personnel protection device installed in the control circuits to protect from electric shock, to protect the network from short-circuits and overloads, and to prevent fires resulting from the occurrence of large earth leakage currents and shortings.

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