Input cabinets with ATCB for up to 630 A of SHO 8320 series


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    General information:
    The input cabinets with ATCB SHO 8320 are designed to complete the power distribution boards, which have two busbar sections separated by sectional switch. Furthermore, two options for supplying busbars are provided.



    The first option includes two power inputs. Each bus section is powered by its working input. The first input for the second one is a backup, and vice versa.

    The second option includes three power inputs. It is similar to the first option, but provides for additional backup input to one of the sections from diesel power station (DPS). Power is supplied in case of simultaneous disconnection of both working inputs.

    According to the type of SHO8320 construction, they are switchboards in either panel version - IP 00, or cabinet version- IP 41, intended for unilateral maintenance. They are designed taking into account their use, including modular switchboards, based on unified frames used in outdoors and protected switchboards.
    The feed cables can be supplied either from below (the depth of the cabinet is 600 mm) or from the top and from the bottom (the depth of the cabinet is 800 mm).

    Cabinets can be supplied with circuit breakers of both domestic and foreign manufacturers.
    The types of cabinets, their overall dimensions, amount and rated currents of the hardware are given in Table 1.

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