Modular low-voltage packages (LVP)


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    General information:
    Modular design of low-voltage packages is based on a unified system of constructs and basic series of standard units, panels, cabinets:
    • input cabinets with ATCB for current up to 630A of SH8320 series;
    • input cabinets with ATCB for current up to 1600A of SH8330 series ;
    • units of power input and distribution BM 8300, BM 8500, BM 8900, BM 9500;
    • units with ATCB for currents up to 630A of BM 8200 series;
    • lighting and heating control units for up to 63A;
    • auxiliary units with intermediate relays and time relays



    The set of typical modular LVPs mastered in the production allows designing distribution and control panels with any set of current collectors, including the connection of input cabinets directly to power transformers up to 1000 kVA.

    Main advantages of modular LVP:
    • installation of terminal units of control circuits on all sides of the units allows connecting the external wires of control circuits directly to output terminals of terminal units of control modules;
    • convenient removal of units during repair under operating conditions can be carried out without interrupting the power supply when connecting the units with loop matching;
    • availability of cable passage and vertical zero bus allows convenient laying and terminating of outgoing cables of the consumer;
    • due to the close installation of the units and availability of cable passage, a higher level of complete devices design is provided.
    • the scope of documentation transferred by the customer to the LVP manufacturer is simplified and reduced. General types of any LVPs (boards, cabinets and panels) are issued in the form of questionnaires, connection schemes are excluded; untypical units and panels are supplied with electrical schematic diagram transferred to the plant.

    Modular LVPs can be supplied with the hardware of both Russian and foreign manufacturers that have proven themselves in our market

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