Sewage pumping station electric drives control LVP


    To any region of Russia and CIS

    General information:
    LVP are intended for electric power distribution and control of electric drives of sewage pumping stations (SPS) intended for pumping household and industrial non-explosive wastewater of similar composition having neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. SPS can be located in the territory of industrial enterprises, treatment plants and agricultural facilities, where household facilities and permanent maintenance personnel are located within a radius of 500 m.



    Control of capacitor units is carried out by special electronic regulator of reactive power, characterized by high sensitivity and accuracy. The hardware consists of modular capacitor banks that are switched on and off automatically by means of contactors equipped with a device capable of limiting the peak of the switching current based on the capacitive reactive power required. The capacitors constituting the capacitor banks are equipped with metallized plastic regenerated dielectric, discharge resistors and overload circuit breaker.

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