Power distribution units BM 8000


    To any region of Russia and CIS

    General information:
    Power distribution units, BM 8000 series, are built on the basis of automatic circuit breakers, three-pole VA 51-25, VA 21-29, VA 04-36 and single-pole VA 21-29, and designed taking into account the use as input and distribution devices in conjunction with the units of other series In the complete devices of modular design.



    In addition to units with circuit breakers, this series includes units with circuit breakers for 100 and 250A of BM 8901 type to disconnect individual groups of current collectors and unit with reactor for 50A of BM 9501 type when it is necessary to limit short-circuit currents for low-power groups of current collectors.

    The availability of power distribution units of BM 8500 series allows you to build customized power distribution cabinets with a combination of sets of switches that are not available in standard distribution points of PR 85, PR 11 and PR 22 series.

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