Concrete transformer substations BKTP-250 ... 1250/6(10)/0,4-U1


    To any region of Russia and CIS

    General information:
    Outdoor package transformer substation (OPTS), BKTPNU type, with a capacity of 250-1250 kVA is a single(double)-transformer substation in a concrete casing with a basement cable box unit, and serves to receive, convert and distribute three-phase alternating current electric power with a frequency of 50 Hz and voltage up to 10 kV.


    OPTSs are delivered to the facility in separate units with installed hardware. This greatly saves time for installation works. OPTSs are used in power supply systems for industrial and municipal facilities. PTS in a concrete shell is a concrete casing with installed electrical equipment.
    OPTS advantages
    • cast reinforced concrete construction, which provides mechanical strength of the casing;
    • availability of a basement cable box unit, which reduces the volume of construction for installation and connection of substation;
    • dust and waterproof construction;
    • possibility to apply as a part of automated process control system;
    • possibility to install ATCB and energy metering on high voltage side;
    • installation of both domestic and imported switching equipment;
    • installation of lighting, heating, fire alarm, ventilation, air conditioning (optional) and telemechanics (option).

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